1. Consultation

    We work with you to evaluate the scope of your project and scale. We compare our development capabilities to your requirements, while taking a big picture look at what your needs and wants are. We are your technical advisor’s working with you to achieve what your website, mobile application, or video will look like. Let’s draw it out.

  2. Research

    The team assembled for the project will now delve into research surrounding your business space, and get a full understanding of your business, industry, and competition ensuring you receive the best visual solution for your project.

  3. Quote

    After we have an agreed upon a game plan from the consultation, it’s time for the proposed quote. This is where you can take a granular look at the services being provided, and adjust your budget to meet project completion dates. Our pricing model allows us to work with our clients to make the most of their time and money during production.

  4. Assessment

    It’s time to put down the deposit, establish a project schedule and get all of the details of who and what your brand stands for. We also evaluate what you would like to see your brand presented as, online, on-mobile, and on video. We gather all the structural elements like color scheme, personal elements, and signatures of your business to incorporate them as you determine. Gather all materials needed, and create a line of communication for follow on materials needed for production.

  5. Production

    We establish a schedule and provide you contact with our development team. The majority of the budget goes towards development costs which is why it is very important to have your budget in place prior to production. We’re working on your magic sauce.

    1. Quality Assurance

      As a critical part of the development cycle, testing and quality assurance is the phase in which your dedicated QA team puts your project through its paces, ensuring every aspect of the project works in a consistent and fluid manner, exactly how the development team designed it. A thoroughly tested project is less likely to create issues for the end-user, generating a higher ROI for you.

  6. Revision

    Just like a carpenter we have to level things out and get them just right before we present them online. The project is going well, but things aren’t exactly the way you would like them, or as we all do, some change their minds when presented with a better choice. We give you the creative flexibility here to change your mind when something simply looks better before we go to publication.

  7. Publish

    Your project is ready for the big time my friend. We need to be sure that this is what we want. Seek wise women/men for counsel, and find our happy place, because we’re going LIVE! It’s usually cause for celebration. All payments are due prior to publishing to production servers, or online stores.

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